Time to get Personal

Time to get Personal

Online gambling operators have yet to crack the code when it comes to personalisation and marketing.

While some have been brave enough to push the boundaries and innovate, most are sticking to fairly standard methods with little success.

We have all had emails from gambling operators land in our inbox after a period of inactivity encouraging us to deposit and wager once again.

These messages will have some degree of personalisation – your name, maybe even the last thing you bet on – but it is still blindingly obvious that the email is really just a template.

The personalisation feels forced and unusual and, in most cases, does not have the desired effect of re-engaging the player and making them feel valued.

That being said, there still remains an opportunity to personalise emails and other marketing collateral and to make things much more fun. This is certainly true for recreational players – studies show that these players are much more likely to have a favourite type of game, for example.

The same studies have also found there is an increase in players who are more sophisticated in their needs and expectations and care about the overall experience they receive.

This means operators and marketers need to consider the entire experience when communicating with players and not just the immediate goal of encouraging them
to re-engage.

Take Fortnite, for example. It has a huge market of people that buy extras for the experience and for the ‘show’ and while these don’t actually help with the game, they do make playing it more fun.

This, of course, provides Fortnite with additional marketing opportunities that can be personalised to each individual player.

So why has the online gambling industry yet to do this?

I think a big part of it is due to the “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” attitude held by a lot of operators and marketers – even if their current approach isn’t that successful. But this lack of innovation is damaging the sector, which is struggling to keep pace with the rapid growth being enjoyed by online multiplayer games.

It stands to reason that if you can offer more than just the “You too can win big!” strapline and show that you care about the player and their overall experience, you will have a better product.

Ultimately, a better product leads to a more satisfied customer, one that will return to your brand and product time and time again.

Of course, the trick is to balance this with what you offer as a business – online gambling operators don’t allow players to buy “skins”, for example – and to fully understand your customers.

With this in mind, I encourage online gambling operators to push forward with initiatives around customisation and personalisation and to deploy these in the best way possible.

Those that do will be able to provide the experience players are seeking; these players will not only become more loyal but they will also be far more likely to recommend your product to others. And that is the best kind of marketing anyone can buy.