Isle of Man – Life and Work

Isle of Man – Life and Work

When I was asked by my friends at Crimson Panda to write a small blog article about life and work on the Isle of Man, my mind initially filled with possibilities. 


I thought to myself: I could write some wonderful pieces about how you are literally only about ten minutes from the seaside wherever you live on the island. 


How wonderful it is to have the Glens and natural beauty here too – amazing natural beauty and so many big hills to climb. 


Or even just the joys of going down to Peel on a sunny day *just* to buy a fantastic Manx Ice Cream. (I still do this - my doctor despairs, I’ll never lose that weight!)


But – then I thought “You know what? It’s not just the place that resonates. It’s the people as well.”


The thing that struck me (and still does on a regular basis) was the fact that people are generally friendlier, more interested in you as a person, and generally all round nicer to each other on the island.


If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘heeey boooey’, or ‘its blowin a right hooley out there yessir’, you’ll know what I mean!


This feeling extends to my wonderful colleagues at Champion Sports , and the collective team behind King Gaming. 

When COVID first hit the island, the first thought that we had as a group was “what can we do to help?”


We weren’t the only ones, as it turns out. 


The Manx Solidarity Fund – another absolutely excellent example of how people and business come together to help each other – had much the same plan!


However, coming back to my first point: never mind the fact that we all had to face the fact collectively that we might not see each other for months on end, we put together a plan to make a donation to people who needed help. 


Every single member of staff volunteered either time or money (or in one case, reaching out to the IOM Government directly to help source PPE directly) to help a greater cause.


Step in Christian Varley. I can’t even imagine running more than 100 yards these days, never mind 19 marathons in 19 days. I’m out of breath just thinking about it….


The word hero doesn’t even come close to doing this any kind of justice, if you ask me.


So, when Mark Robson, King Gaming CEO, suggested that a donation be made to the Manx Solidarity Fund on Christian’s behalf, we were delighted to say yes!


The upshot of my amazing colleagues and the ever more amazing Mr. Varley is that we now have more oxygen generation facilities at Nobles for the whole island community.


That for me, right there, is what this island is all about. 


It sets us apart from everywhere else, and the saying of “Quocunque Jeceris Stabit” (which literally translates to “Whithersoever you throw it, it will stand.”) has never ever been so true.


If you’re reading this, be proud of the Isle of Man.


It means so much to all of us.