Excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake... humans are underrated

Elon Musk

I think that because of artificial intelligence, people will have more time to enjoy being human beings

Jack Ma

On the face of it, these are competing statements made by leading and respected figures in their respective industries.

Reading them, we’d be probably be asking ourselves whether AI-based automation really is the future. Is it here already, we’d wonder. And – perhaps most importantly – can it be made to work slightly better than Clippy, that annoying paper clip from Microsoft Office from the late 1990s?

There are many potential applications of AI in sports betting:

  • Spotting collusion, learning user behaviour.

  • Highlighting deeply unusual patterns, therefore

    helping us to spot problems before they

    become even bigger.

  • Learning about betting, automatically promoting

    certain betting markets in order to maximise the

    user experience.

  • Intelligently working during quieter periods,

    helping to schedule virtual events during these periods in order to build and enhance customer engagement.

These are just some of the potential uses that can and should be implemented in a modern sports betting solution. (If you aren’t doing that right now, then you should certainly have a plan in hand to make this happen!)

From our perspective here at Champion Sports, we believe that AI is worth investing in. It can make every difference to the overall customer experience.

While there are persuasive arguments in favour of the technology, there are also some obvious caveats. An example of this was an AI system called YoLo(v2) , which offered real-time object detection. Unfortunately, it was trumped by some students who were able to defeat
the system using brollies. Even the best AI can have weaknesses!

Earlier, I talked about the ‘AI Paperclip’, but the reality is that poorly implemented AI can do your business significant harm, particularly if it’s customer facing.

So, is AI the cure-all to power the industry forward? The simple answer is ‘no’: AI can be the future but will only succeed if you are willing to put time and effort into it. That means the best minds, the best teams, and best practices during delivery.

Let’s consider “AI based chat bots” for a moment. (“That’s simple to implement!”, I hear everyone cry, before mumbling something about it not being exactly chatty and, ahem, “a bit like a paper clip...”)

However, imagine if this technology could not only learn what customers need from their first sentence or two, but could automatically brief your teams and customers on upcoming upgrades?

What would that be worth?

You couldn’t put a figure on it, but I’m willing to bet your customers will!

The future seems like it’s arrived right about now....